The Multitude of Museums in NYC
Posted by at May 29th

A visit to New York City is a dream of many and with today’s bargains in air, train and even bus fare it is possible. The Big Apple is a city teeming with life and excitement. There is literally something to see and do on every single corner. If you are planning a trip to New York City you absolutely must schedule time to visit the multitude of museums. They are world famous and feature some of the best exhibits anywhere. And there is a secret to keeping the expenses down while trying to pack as many museums into your schedule as possible.


The New York CityPass is a fantastic way to see the sights and sounds of New York City without feeling a significant drain on your wallet. The New York CityPass is simple. You pay a flat fee and then gain access to a certain number of attractions. This definitely is worth your time and money. Here is a breakdown of what you will save. It usually helps in planning out your budget and it also illustrates how a New York CityPass can save you time and money.


You can purchase a CityPass which gives you access to 6 attractions. Four of the main museums in New York City are on the list. These are the: American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum. You would also need to factor in either purchasing the tickets online or visiting the museum and paying at the door. That is quite a price difference and that is for only four of the museums in New York City.


It is not just admission that the New York CityPass grants you access. There are also numerous exhibits that come along with the CityPass. Take for example the American Museum of Natural History. The CityPass gains you access to the museum, Rose Center for Earth and Space and the Hayden Planetarium Space Show.


An added bonus of the New York CityPass booklet is detailed information about the 6 attractions and museums. It gives you information, tips and it also allows you to skip the ticket line. You will save money and you will have time as well. For those scheduling a visit to New York City this is a deal too good to pass up!