The Do’s and Don’ts when Purchasing an Engagement Ring
Posted by at May 24th

An engagement ring is one of the most important rings worn by a woman and is given to her along with a marriage proposal. While this is the ring which has been most eagerly awaited by the woman, it is most likely that it has been chosen by the man in her life. It is rare that a couple will go engagement ring shopping together. At the most, the woman could have hinted at the kind of ring she wants for her engagement ring, but the decision and choice usually rests with the man.


And except for connoisseurs of good jewelry, most men are not great jewelry buyers and often fall for sales spiels.


Do’s of engagement rings:


Do have some idea of what she wants. You can do this by actually being more aware of her current taste in jewelry. She may like classic designs or prefer funkier and modern options – keep her tastes in mind when selecting an engagement ring.


Do decide what your budget is and have a ball park figure in mind – don’t give in to sales talk when you go to buy or be intimidated by big jewelry shops.


Do shop around before actually buying. You can see lots of designs and prices on the net.


Do decide which metal you want – gold, silver, platinum or tungsten rings.


Do have some idea of the stones. While diamonds may seem de rigueur, you can have small diamonds with a big precious stone like emerald, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, topaz or any other gem stone.


Do your homework when buying gems. For diamonds, cut, clarity, color and carat (Cs) are important parameters which determine the price. A small blue-white diamond of excellent four Cs may be more valuable than a double sized diamond with poor four Cs. A solitaire will always be more expensive than many small diamonds.


Don’ts of buying engagement rings:


Don’t feel shy to change the ring if it does not fit. Most shops (and if websites) have a return policy.


Don’t buy something you can’t afford. There is no point in even looking at something which cost thousands of dollars when you can afford only in hundreds.


Don’t give in temptation or sales talk, but stand your ground. Your love for the woman in your life is not dependent on the diamond size or price.


Don’t buy a ring which will not suit her fingers – delicate rings look better on short fingers, while a clunky one will not look good.


Don’t buy any real jewelry without certificates and bills.


Also keep in mind that Tungsten rings are hard-wearing and scratch resistant and can be a good alternative to other metals.