There’s a Bumper Sticker for That
Posted by at May 23rd

Get your message moving with a well designed bumper sticker!


When you are stuck in traffic on a busy freeway where the endless sea of cars looks more like a parking lot after a Stones concert than an actual avenue of travel, what better and more entertaining distraction can you find than reading the imaginative stickers posted on the back-ends of all those vehicles stranded with you? This is a captive audience, my friend, and once all those stickers start moving again, you think to yourself, “This would be a fantastic way to advertise!” It’s cheap, it’s mobile, and since so many of us spend agonizing, endless hours in long commutes, it is the perfect way to reach a large and largely receptive audience.


One fellow I know had a long drive every morning in invariably thick traffic. Every day he would see the same truck, with the same bumper sticker, making the same commute at approximately the same time. When he was finally in need of the services the sticker advertised, the name of the company had been settled into his memory like an old friend, and he called them right away. An ad from a bumper sticker! Anecdotal but true!


Another thing to consider is the immediacy with which potential customers can respond to bumper sticker advertisements due to all the fantastic advancements in technology. Now, when someone sees a bumper sticker for a service they require, or a cause that moves them to act and respond quickly, they no longer try to scribble the info on a scrap of paper. No, they can actually get on their smart phone and contact you immediately, while still gazing at the bumper sticker. A bumper sticker is really one of the only kinds of paper ads that have relevance – even more relevance, in a world of ever advancing technology.


So now, when you’re thinking about a bumper sticker, think about how that information will complement and enhance the other elements of your company’s marketing campaign that your target audience can access instantaneously from their cars. Many of the tools of design are now so easily accessible and fairly simple to manipulate, that you can create a wide range of marketing material, including bumper sticker printing, from the comfort of your own home. You are now in control of how these elements work together informatively and aesthetically. You customize the colors, the tone, the language and the message. It is all in your control and it is a more direct expression of your company and your goals.


You can submit your files for print in a wide variety of formats and professional designers will create a fantastic bumper sticker! A bumper ad! A piece of bumper art! The sticker is printed on gloss-adhesive backed vinyl so it is resistant to fading and waterproof. The ink is UV stable and will last, in all likelihood, far longer than the car to which it is adhered! So, you are looking at a marketing tool that has longevity, complements contemporary media campaigns, has mobile exposure to thousands of people a day, and most importantly, is very inexpensive! And a lot of fun – bumper stickers are fun!