I’ll be Ghana-while: Talking Financial Literacy
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I’m jet setting again.  This time to Ghana, recognized in 2011 by the World Bank as enjoying the fastest growing economy as they drilled for their most plentiful of resources – oil.

I love visiting Africa, love the people, and the children that seem to delight in our appearance there.


This time up, my husband, Michael, and I have been invited to serve as keynote speakers at MTN – Business World’s 4th Annual Executive Breakfast.  (MTN is a leading telecommunications company across the continent of Africa; Business World is Ghana’s popular business magazine.)

We’re thrilled to have been extended the invitation to return!

It’s my second trip back in a year’s time – the first time around, I spoke at the 6th Annual Financial Literacy Week celebration in Uganda.  I was excited to discover how many of Uganda’s youth had read the best-selling book I co-authored, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  I enjoyed their bright, wide smiles as they recognized me from the book jacket. (Who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of affirmation?)

So what’s the topic this time?  “Getting your Finances Right.”  This trip, like the last, is especially enjoyable because I get to share the podium with my husband, Michael Lechter, a leading intellectual property U.S. attorney, certified licensing professional, university professor and best-selling author.  Together, we’ll promote our message of financial wellness, and Michael will talk about protecting some of the best assets we have: ideas and intellectual property.

As I speak to business executives and entrepreneurs, I plan to advise them to use caution against “sudden wealth syndrome.”   Many times, when people who’ve never had enough are suddenly flush with cash – such as lottery winners – there is temptation to spend rather than steward.  I’ll encourage the good folks in Ghana to grab the tools, education and resources they need to manage their finances wisely.

The Highlight:  It’s always the Kids!

As a proud mother and grandmother, I’m passionate about inspiring schools and communities to empower children with the tools they need to earn, save and steward money.  It’s become the most important part of my life’s work.

I’m forecasting that a highlight for us this week is the chance to talk to hundreds of middle and high school aged kids participating in Ghana’s SOS Villages program.  These children, many of which are orphaned or from disadvantaged families, desperately need to hear this message:  you can control your own destiny!  Just like here at home; the message is very similar.  We want kids to understand that they have the power within themselves to create a stable, secure future.  They just have to want it badly enough, and be willing to work hard to get there.

We’ve found kids respond to very specific instructions, so we’ll be using our favorite acronym to illustrate our point:  BEFAB.  It stands for:

Back Straight

Eye Contact

Firm Hand Shake

Ask Question (and allow answers)

Be Bold

Try it with your kids at home!

These tools simply require sweat equity, and we’re certain the resilient children in Ghana have plenty in store.  They’re just eager for someone to show them the way, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to do just that.  Stay tuned for a full report!


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