Business Programs Possess Ethical Responsibility to Aggressively Teach Ethics
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Business programs today should treat ethics issues aggressively. They are training the leaders in the best way to inspire and enforce smart, effective ethics codes. These codes need to be firmly installed within the legal systems directly responsible for correcting and directing global corporate behavior.

According to the Journal of Academic and Business Ethics — compelling evidence shows a collective agreement among business schools for a strong required adherence to a uniform ethics code that can be enforced by a global task force empowered by a unified and qualified ethics over-site committee.

The Journal also reports that without such a unified enforcement, behavior of any corporation operating within the global arena would remain at best unpredictable, and at worst predatory. The Journal of Academic and Business Ethics also cites that protection of citizens is grounds for invoking the powers of individual governments to collect into a unified global ethics committee that is empowered to be a task force to correct global ethical misbehavior.

Rules and policies are already being developed, and programs such as those developed for educational institutions such as Chicago business programs are in the best positions to provide leadership in the further development of these codes and their application and enforcement.

In the same way the 99 percent groups are gathering to correct the inequities on Wall Street, the emerging business program students are graduating into the current markets and are going to have the freshest knowledge to apply to any global market culture and climate. International treaties will need to be crafted. Diplomats and member nations will need to ratify legislation within a court of law respected by a unified body of ethics enforcement specialists.

Having independent audits performed by independent national governments and legal ethics professionals is a powerful approach that can be supported and further promoted by the next wave of business program designers and international market analyst leaders.

The over-reaching interests of dominating global corporations needs to be corrected swiftly and cleanly. The economic integrity of public markets and personal, individual investors needs to be protected. Ethical response is what separates humanity from herds and flocks. Holding our collective leadership heads high and advocating for just and ethical response to the current global scandals is really the only response acceptable

The multinational and multicultural business environment needs ethical guidance and support in the fastest, firmest manner possible. It is the ethical responsibility of every business program to orient its student body towards this unified goal;

— the graduation of students highly-skilled in delivering the most potent legislation and code of ethics development processes to the international business culture and legal system landscape in a manner that corrects this behavior permanently.  

The will of the people includes every student in every business school across the nation. Collect and organize.

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