How to Appeal your Insurance Company’s Decision: Disability Denial
Posted by at February 14th

It’s a good feeling to know that you have private disability insurance, so you and your family are protected in case the unthinkable happens and you can’t work because of an injury or disease. You pay your premiums and you trust that your insurance will take care of you when you need it the most. Then, when you need help, it can be devastating to find out that the company that was supposed to protect you is denying your claim. 

Unfortunately, disability denials are all too common in the insurance industry. Many insurance companies deny claims without any reasonable basis for the denial. Some companies engage in abusive tactics to deny disabled individuals the benefits that you’re entitled to. Fortunately, however, you can appeal the denial of benefits.

The first step in appealing a claim denial is to carefully read the disability denial letter. Your insurance company must provide you with a written notice that your claim has been denied, and the notice must state the reasons for the denial. Read the letter to determine the basis for the denial.

Next, search for evidence that rebuts the insurance company’s denial. Possible sources of evidence may include your medical records that validate the extent of your disability, attendance records from your employer that document your absence from work and your inability to return to work, and records from other sources that document the physical limitations caused by your injury or disease. Write a letter in response to the denial of your claim, including copies of the relevant evidence.

Appealing the denial of a disability insurance claim is a high-risk, complex legal endeavor. If you lose the appeal, you may lose your rights to collect benefits under your disability insurance policy. Maximize your chances of winning a disability denial appeal by hiring a legal advocate to present your case for you.  

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