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Stem Innovations is a company that decided to make headway with the market for Internet security cameras.  Unfortunately, while they might have made some slight advances in that direction, their iZon wireless security camera did not quite knock the ball out of the park.  

On the plus side, the first thing that bears mentioning is that the iZon does not need a computer in order to work.  Right there, this is a tremendous advantage.  Next, there is the design of the camera itself.  It’s small and it’s actually attractive. It attaches to a cylindrical magnetic base and can be positioned just about anywhere that a person desires.  Aesthetically, it fits in most modern decors and certainly is not an eyesore.

Continuing with the things that are good about the iZon, the price certainly is palatable.  While some other mobile internet security systems can run into thousands of dollars, this little unit costs less than $150.  Surprisingly, the picture quality from this little camera is actually quite good — even when the lighting conditions are less than ideal.  

As for how the iZon works, it simply sends video clips via a wi-fi network to an individual YouTube account.  The account can be set for either public viewing or private viewing.  When the iZon hears or senses movement in its line of sight, it records a brief video, which is then transmitted to YouTube.  In the event that something keeps setting the iZon off, the user can actually adjust the sensor to only detect a specific portion of its line of sight setting.

However, for all of the “wow” factors seen in the iZon, there are still some annoying issues that need to be addressed.  The software needs some work, but this is the case with many new products.  At times, there are random software crashes.  Other times, the video freezes or displays a blank screen.  Then, there is the matter of logging into the YouTube account.  For some unknown reason, the program changes the “@“ symbol in an email address into something totally different.  This makes it hard to log into a YouTube account using an email address.  To get around that, a YouTube account can be accessed via a user name that doesn’t have an “@“ in it, but a person shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to make the software work properly.

Naturally, as time passes, it is more than likely that the problems will be worked out in updates and patches.  In the meantime, though, when iZon functions as its creators intended, it is a quite impressive piece of work.  When the bugs have been ironed out, it might well become a force to be reckoned with.

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