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Posted by at November 15th

About AZCVoices.com

Welcome to azcvoices.com, a website featuring some of the Valley’s most-followed and influential bloggers, in partnership with The Arizona Republic, Channel 12 and azcentral.com.

Our network of contributors provide a variety of information on many topics. While we have a strong focus on travel, dining and politics, we are continually adding new topics and new partners to the network. Our network contributors provide dining and food information, plus reviews and news. Our Arizona politics bloggers provide opinion on the left, in the middle and on the right. Southwest travel bloggers roam all over the west and beyond and other places to bring you great photos and tales of their experiences.

The network is designed to share information and links back and forth. We provide headlines and links back to the individual bloggers sites. And in exchange, they provide us their most recent post. We then link to these recent headlines from topic areas on azcentral.com. This provides our azcentral.com audience more voices and opinions from the community. And, it provides the partners additional audience and traffic to their sites.

We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a note if you know of a blog we should add to the network or have suggestions for other partners we should consider for the network, just click on one of the buttons to the right.


Azcvoices.com Blog Network Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why did the Arizona Republic create the azcvoices.com blog network?

A:  We wanted to bring in more opinions, diversity, thoughts and “voices” from the community.

Q: How did you pick who is in the network?

A:  Blogs are not always  easy to find on the Internet. We wanted to make it much easier for folks in the Valley to find the best blogs being produced here by local authors. We read and review many blogs and try to provide links to the best ones.

Q: Do you edit the blogs?

A:  No we do not edit the blogs. The individual authors are responsible for their content and take full responsibility for following all libel, copyright and other laws. They also maintain all comments on their own blogs and are responsible for policing those comments.

Q: Do you pay bloggers?

A:  Some of the azcvoices bloggers receive monthly compensation, others do not. Most members of the azcvoices.com network are not professional bloggers.

Q: Why are Arizona Republic staff bloggers not included in the azcvoices.com network?

A:  Our staff blogs are included on the main azcentral.com site. These blogs are produced by journalists at Republic Media (The Arizona Republic, 12 News and azcentral.com). These journalists have a set of professional and ethical guidelines they are required to follow.

Q: What types of ethics and guidelines are bloggers for azcvoices.com required to follow?

A:  Republic Media wants to foster community conversation. We know each community in the Valley has diverse experts, bloggers and leaders who have valuable information to share. The azcvoices.com network and the azcentral.com neighborhood sites are an opportunity for these community members to interact and engage with the larger community. Republic Media does not edit or assign these contributions. However, we do ask that all contributors follow some basic ethical and accuracy guidelines:

  • Contributors must be fair, accurate and balanced. They have expertise in a neighborhood or about a topic or issue. They do not make personal attacks or spread misinformation. While we don’t edit material, we will remove inaccurate material brought to our attention. Contributors are responsible for their own content and take full responsibility for following all libel, copyright and other laws. They are also responsible for reviewing and policing all comments on their material.
  • We encourage our contributors to be independent and avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of impropriety. They must disclose outside interests, memberships and relationships, including civic or community involvement, family ties, and any other affiliations or memberships related to their content.
  • Contributors must be transparent. They will disclose any and all gifts they might receive in the course of writing a post. Readers will be told whether a contributor received goods or services free or at a discount so they can judge for themselves whether contributors are being fair or impartial. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission has established rules requiring bloggers to disclose within the blog post any receipt of pay or compensation of any type received in connection with the subject on which they are writing.  This falls under the rules for endorsers of products and services. For more information see the FTC rules at http://ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm
  • Contributors will not post self-promotional information or advertisements. The post will disclose any and all relationships with sponsors, advertisers, manufacturers, or others.
  • We want to hear from you and welcome your feedback. Please contact us click here.

Q: Why would a blogger want to join the network?

A: The power of azcentral.com can promote bloggers’ work and can provide additional audience and attention  to their efforts. In most cases, we host only a most recent posts by the bloggers, then link to the bloggers’ original sites so they receive the majority of the new audience and traffic.